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Freedom in the Wind Church is a group of Christian believers who gather to worship and to learn from the Bible what it means to follow Jesus. We are friends and families from all walks of life who desire to grow in our faith together. Although this church was founded on the desire to reach out to local bikers we have grown and are ministering in many other areas as well. We still have a mission to reach bikers but ultimately our mission is to reach the unchurched with the gospel message. Whether you ride or own a motorcycle or not you will fit right in. We welcome everyone who wants to know Jesus and grow closer in their walk with HIM. 

Won’t you come join us? We meet every Sunday morning at 11:00 for a time of praise and fellowship. Dress is casual and biker gear is always welcome! Sunday mornings are all about God’s Holy Spirit giving us the freedom to worship Him. We offer a wide variety of praise and worship music and emotional contemporary music of today’s Church. The surroundings are not what you would expect for a traditional church. Worship at Freedom in the Wind is free from the trappings of church in the box. The building is not what we are here for. We are here for building up the body of Christ. You will find the feeling to be very relaxed and inviting. You can feel comfortable no matter how you dress. Our Sunday morning service is designed to teach, challenge, inspire, and help you have a deep meaningful time of worship for both Christians and spiritual seekers. No matter where you are on the journey of life and faith, we believe you can glean important things from your time with us.

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Freedom in the Wind Church was founded in January 2006 by Larry and Jane Herald and Richard and Aleta Herrera. Both couples had a passion for the lost and in particular the lost biker. In the early days of the church services were held in Fairfield at TCA on Saturday evenings. By the fall of 2007 the leadership was able to rent some property in Milford, OH that would need alot of renovation. The people of the church stepped up and the work was completed hours before the opening service. The first ever service held in Milford was on Sunday, November 4 at 6:00 PM. In January of 2008 service times were moved to Sunday morning. Services continue to be held at 11:00 under the leadership of Senior Pastor Larry “Indian” Herald. Jane Herald serves as the Director of Worship and has a host of talented singers and musicians to help lead the church in corporate worship. Freedom in the Wind Church is an American Baptist church located in the Goshen area, a suburb of the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. The Greater Cincinnati area has about 1.5 million people. As a city, we boast all the cultural attractions of much larger cities as well as professional sports teams, two major universities and several smaller colleges. Through our Sunday morning service, as well as our Adult Bible Study on Wednesday nights and our kids program we minister to more than 50 adults, youth and children each week. As a church we strive to at least tithe from the undesignated tithes and offerings to missions. The church is active in the Miami Valley Baptist Association. This is a regional group of churches that come together to share vision, prayer and assistance to each other. We are also apart of the American Baptist Churches of Ohio and American Baptist Churches USA.